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Hello-I'm Zoe and I've just finished doing a Fine Art Degree in Nottingham. I have Ulcerative Colitis and so occasionally will rant about pain, life and shitty situations! (pardon the pun.)
I love food, coffee, ethical taxidermy, art, rain, horror films, and Batman. And food. :)


the sky looked very cool the other day

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I hate prednisone.
I mean the high blood pressure, hot flashes, fevers, chills, vomitting, thrush, weight gain, appetite of a bear after hibernation, and the insomnia suck and all.

But if you don’t manage to drop the pill(s) right into the back of your throat and swallow without it touching your tongue, you’re guaranteed to gag on the taste for about two hours. I MEAN SERIOUSLY. THE LEAST THEY COULD DO IS PUT A REAL COATING ON THIS SHIT.

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